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Spicewood Party and Silent Auction 2019

Come join us for a night of great food, great wine, great entertainment and a chance to bid on some awesome silent auction items!

All proceeds go to support the needy in the Highland Lakes communities we serve. Tickets are only $25 and are available by calling (512) 591-4572.

Like what we do but do not have the time to join us then please email to make a donation.


Upcoming events

10/25/2019 6:00 PM • Stone House Vineyard
10/29/2019 4:00 PM • Spicewood Community Library - Spur 191
11/07/2019 6:30 PM • Spicewood Community Center, 7901 County Road 404
11/26/2019 4:00 PM • Spicewood Community Library - Spur 191
12/31/2019 4:00 PM • Spicewood Community Library - Spur 191
Vision Screening event in Marble Falls

Saturday, August 6, 2016

 Lion Paul Kronbergs, President, Lion Jack Moran, Vision Director Lion Linda Eicher, Secretary Lion Liz Almond, Vision Director Lion Estela Selby and Lion Vannette Poole.  Behind the camera, Zone chair, Lion David Almond

On Saturday August 6, 7 club members attended the Back to School and Health Screening Event organized by Lake Shores Church in Marble Falls.  Over 200 children were screened and of that number 40 were referred with eye problems and that number excluded those already wearing eye glasses.

This was the first opportunity the club had to wear their new shirts in public – see below!

      District Governor, John Lyon, installs new officers and inducts new member - July 7, 2016

On his annual visit to the club to advise members of the goals for the coming year, District Governor John Lyon installed the new board and officers for 2016-2017 and inducted new member Kim Smith.  Kim is one of 4 new members in July but was the only one able to attend this meeting.

Paul Kronbergs was elected as the new President having served the Club as Treasurer since its inception.

District Governor John  Lyon on left with new President, Paul Kronbergs, wearing a sombrero.
For the history of the sombrero please go

President Paul Kronbergs about to be presented with the sombrero by Estela Selby from the Marble Falls Noon Lions branch.  Outgoing President and Zone Chair, David Almond, about to offer some advice! 

Kim Smith being inducted as a member of the Club

More photos here.
2016 July 4 Parade and Picnic

About 25 Lions looked after some 400 Spicewood residents for the annual parade and picnic.  A time for remembering and celebrating.  Music was provided by Mark Johnson and CJ, BB Morse and Ross Rainey and the SpaceBenders.  The National Anthem was again sung by honorary Lion, Emily Peterson.

It was also the occasion upon which the Spicewood & Highland Lakes Lions Club distributed checks to a number of Community Organizations.  More donations will be distributed later in the year.

Incoming President, Paul Kronbergs, demonstrating that the check will not bounce, with David Almond, Outgoing President thanking the Spicewood VFD Fire Chief, Paul Graeber, for their service.

Presentation of check to Marty Miller for the excellent service that Helping Hands Crisis Ministry of Spicewood gives to the community

The Spicewood Community Center receiving a check to help defray the costs of maintaining the School House.

Sandra Fivecoats receiving a check on behalf of the Spicewood Community Library to help towards the running costs of the Library.

More photos and important news to come.

Highway 71 Cleanup
June 25, 2016

The cleanup crew ready for off.  Thank you all. 

We keep a 2 mile stretch of Highway 71 clean of rubbish 3 or 4 times a year

Texas Lions Camp Workday - March 5, 2016
Click to view other photos
Seven Spicewood Lions and one guest spent this year's workday on the flower beds outside the dining hall.  Thank you Lions Paul Kronbergs, Barbara and Jerry Tweed and guest, Jack Moran and Vannette Poole, Terri and Morris Moore for all the work you performed.
Ronald McDonald House - October 14, 2014
Seven Spicewood Lions turned up on October 14 to cook lunch for 20 guests at the Ronald McDonald House in Austin - the six iClick to view originaln this photo plus the eye behind the camera.   
Thanks Guys!

Ronald McDonald House - May 29, 2014

Six Spicewood Lions turned up on May 29 to cook lunch for 20 guests at the Ronald McDonald House in Austin - the five in this photo plus the eye behind the camera.  Click on the photo to view more pictures.  

Thanks Guys!

   Just outside of weird
We all know that the unofficial bird of Spicewood is the Buzzard but in case you think that residents of Spicewood are strange having adopted the Buzzard as their bird (after all it is what is behind the name of our Buzzard Bump - see on left) then relax because the unofficial slogan for Spicewood is 'Just outside of Weird"!
Highway Cleanup

April 5th saw the second of our 2014 Highway Cleanups. Lots of debris removed and the wildflowers looked soooo pretty!

Come join us at Bump n Grindz for our Thursday August 7 monthly meeting - 6:30 pm - food is great and the people are fantastic, interesting, good looking, caring, famous...well it is you know it will be FUN!


   Did You Know?

Lions stands for:

L = Loyalty
I = Integrity
O = Our
N = Nations
S = Safety

This slogan was adopted in 1919

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