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What's Good in Spicewood Community Fair

  • 06/29/2013
  • 3:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • La Cabana Mexican Grill


  • I am happy to volunteer to assist in this event.

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We have been invited to participate in the above event at no cost.  We will be taking the Lions' Den and hope to recruit new members, raise funds and make know what we do in the Spicewood Community.  We need volunteers to assist during the event, in preparing the Lions' Den before the start and assisting the organizers where possible.  More details are shown below but please click REGISTER on the left to signify your preparedness to assist.

This is the communication we received:




June 29, 2013


Dear Spicewood Lions Club:

Your organization does wonderful work to improve the community of Spicewood, Texas.  What’s Good In Spicewood has been formed both to thank Spicewood’s nonprofit organizations and to create opportunities to increase community awareness of and appreciation for their good works.  Our inaugural event, What’s Good In Spicewood Community Fair, will be held on June 29, 2013.  We would love for you to participate.

You are cordially invited to participate in this first (hopefully annual) community fair to be held on June 29, 2013 from 4:00 until 9:00 (or later if people are still dancing to the music of the Square Grooves) at La Cabana Mexcican Grill, 21103 Highway 71.  What's Good In Spicewood Community Fair” will provide nonprofit organizations serving the Spicewood area an opportunity to get out their message and stories about the good works they are doing to a what is expected to be a large crowd.  In addition to raising awareness, you may solicit volunteers and financial support for your organization as well. 

 And, importantly, the community will be given an opportunity to learn more about what all the good works that are happening in Spicewood and to thank the people in those organizations that are making a difference.

 At least initially we must limit participation to the first 35 organizations which accept this invitation.  Participants may bring a small tent/booth, a table or just occupy a space on the La Cabana property.  La Cabana will provide electricity to a limited number of spaces.  Once we get an idea of how much total space will be occupied by the first 35 participants, we may be able to accommodate more organizations.  In the order in which they applied, we will include any late applying organization if more space is available. 

The Square Grooves Band of Spicewood will perform from 5:30 – 9:00 pm during the event.  The band will encourage the audience to go by the booths, tents, etc.  It will also deliver short spiels about the organizations from the stage between songs.  More details on how that will work will be provided to the participants. 

Children will be welcome.  La Cabana has a playground area and they will be welcome to dance to the band.  Misters will be available to cool off. 

We also plan to advertise with flyers, newspaper ads and articles, and word of mouth.  We welcome your suggestions as to ways to get the word out and increase attendance. 

We also need and welcome volunteers for the event.  Please indicate on the application form if your organization can make any volunteers available to help at the event or with the advertising before the event.  [You should see flyers about the event in area stores next week and ads in the local papers.  Suggestions as to how to advertise in other ways are welcome.]

 We certainly hope you will accept this invitation to participate in the first annual What’s Good In Spicewood Community Fair.

 Please post any general questions you have to the comments section of What’s Good In Spicewood’s Facebook page.  In this way all participants can find answers to frequently asked questions.  If you have a question which should not be shared with others, please email me at

 To accept this invitation, please go to, click on “APPLICATION TO PARTICIPATE” (at the top of the page) and follow the application instructions.

We apologize for the lateness of this invitation and hope that it does not impose too severe an inconvenience on your organization.  The date of the event was fixed some time ago, but working out the arrangements for the event has taken longer than had been anticipated.  Please also excuse the appearance of certain parts of our Facebook and webpages which are still under construction, but workable.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the event.

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