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What can I do?

Take a look at our history here and here and you can see the various events that we hold and other areas where we put time in to assist in a project.  Then consider your skills and abilities.  Everyone has some way they can join and work with us.

  • We have a lot of committees who are responsible for organizing different aspects of an event or in running the club generally
  • We always have a need for volunteers to help at events and projects
  • We always have a need for charitable funds

One of newest members said "When my wife and I joined the Lions a few months ago we had a good idea what the Lions did but no idea how we would be able to assist.  Now we find a different way of helping almost every week and what is more the members of the Spicewood & Highland Lakes Lions Club are such a great group of people every moment is great fun!"

Contact one of our board members to find out more about us and how you could help us or come along to one of our meetings.

















we always have a need for charitable funds

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