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The 2013 Road Kill Car Show brought out over 20 AWESOME cars and not a single dead critter!  In the largest Road Kill Car Show yet, drivers from all over Central Texas came out in support of the Spicewood Lions Club at the 4th Annual Buzzard Bump Fest on Saturday, May 18th. 

Lion Bill Kiely, Kyle Johnson and Eric Llobet judged the show and were challenged to pick only 5 winners!  

The MUSCLE category was won by Jack Barnett of Austin

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HOT ROD was won by Bob Brown of Meadowlakes,

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The ANTIQUE category was taken by Melvin Dailey of Bastrop, TX with "Vicki", his 1930 Model A.  

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The ROADSTER trophy went to Marshall Meece of Austin's gold MG TD

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 And the big winner of the day was Edward Martin "Marty" Sampson of Austin, who won the CUSTOM trophy

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as well as the coveted PEOPLE'S CHOICE trophy with "Thumper", his 1940 sparkly, silver and champagne colored FORD Coupe! 

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The "People's Choice" is just what it sounds like...everyone at the Bump has an opportunity to pick their favorite car!  All participants were presented with participation certificates and engraved key chains. We want to thank Harvey and Ginny Jacks of Assassin Pest Control, our wonderful sponsors!

All photos by Paul Long.  Thank you Paul.

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